Sunday, October 23, 2016


Recently I have come "face to face" with this word. In the last couple of months I have eaten at a Cafe called Simple, one serving only organic, raw foods and I walked into a bakery with the name Simple Taste, offering treats with no gluten, dairy, or egg. Hunter and I have tried to simplify our life by down-sizing our possessions, refusing cable TV, cleaning out clothes closets and sending bags to Good Will. I am even in the process of simplifying my collection of recipes to only those most often used. We live in a technical world that often seems overwhelming to a 67 year old woman. I like simple: paper and pencil to do lists, hand washing dishes, playing board games, eating vanilla ice cream. 
Maybe that is one reason I am so attracted to the message of Jesus. It is simple. 
Be Still. 
Be ready. 

Each morning I have two simple questions I ask God. "
"Okay, Lord, what would you have me do today?"
"Whom would you have me help today?" 

Then I end my day reflecting on how well I achieved my three simple daily goals: 
Start with God. 
Stay with God. 
End with God.

My advice to you?
Keep it simple! Love God and serve man!