Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Define "normal"

A week ago Rebecca, our daughter, wrote a blog and listed things she did that were normal to her but others might think them odd. She then challenged others to do the same so I am responding to her request to share.

NORMAL for Hunter & Nancy:

1. Not only grinding coffee beans every morning but now roasting green coffee beans from other countries once a week in a hotair popcorn popper!

2. Making our own soy milk, yogurt, bread, and ice cream.

3. Moving our home from state to state. (Full time RVing is the only way to retire!)

4. Unfolding and assembling our boat to go fishing.

5. Taking our tandem bike out of two suitcases and assembling it before we ride 30-50 miles. (Not really our bike but loved the photo. Can't you see us assembling THIS bike???)

6. Unpacking scuba gear and spending an afternoon diving in a nearby quarry.

7. Flying to Italy a couple of times a year to play dragon & princess with two little grandsons.

8. Sharing Jesus wherever we go! (Hopefully this is not odd but normal for all believers!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I love the tandem!

Wind in my face, sweat on my forehead, muscles aching, butt & back sore and yet, I love it! What's that I love? -Riding our tandem bike! After our grueling 30 mile ride-most of it facing head wind I began to reflect on why is it we do this? What's there to love? First of all this is an activity both Hunter and I enjoy doing together. In retirement you have more hours together therefore it becomes necessary to find a common enjoyment.
It's widely known that exercise promotes health. "Tandeming" is one way to insure we stay healthy!
Challenges stimulate the mind and riding our bike provides many of "those" opportunities.
Face to face with new people-we've met wonderful bikers on our journeys sharing stories and recommendations for future bike routes.
See the world-with our "take apart tandem" we can throw it into 2 suitcases and travel the globe in search of new and exciting places to ride. In May we will be touring the heel of Italy. Can't wait!
Our adivce to husbands and wives wanting a great acitivity together?-buy a tandem and start having fun!