Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun with Aiden

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hallel Psalms

Psalms 113-118 have been labeled the Hallel Psalms, especially when read as a unit. These psalms are essentially expressions of thanksgiving and joy for divine redemption. What is redemption? It's being saved or redeemed from sin. As we approach the Thanksgiving season what better way to prepare our hearts to join with friends and family in thanking God for His gift of redemption than to read Psalms 113-118 daily, filling our hearts with praise.
Around the Thanksgiving table, next Thursday, Americans will verbalize why they are thankful. Is their anything more valuable than our salvation? Let's thank him daily for this precious gift, given to us through his son, Jesus Christ.
"Praise the Lord." Ps. 113:1

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick update

On the go once more:
-Buzzed through Columbus, Ohio to give the grandsons a quck kiss and hi and bye
-Arrived in the Quad Cities where Hunter jumped into a car with buddy Bob and journeyed north to stalk grown "Bambies"
-Shopping, lunch dates, dr. appointment, hair appointment, talking with girlfriends are Nancy's agenda, as well as traveling 4 hours north to visit a friend and 2 hours west to attend a funeral
-Popping in the car next Tuesday for a return trip through Columbus for another quick hi and bye with grandsons, arriving in New Jersey for an overnight
-Packing up the RV and heading south to Branden's warmer climate. Hurray!

Retirment is exhausting!!!!