Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painting with a 3 yr. old?

When you retire life just seems to slow down and things that were so important just a few years ago no longer "push you" to complete. Deadlines are gone. Life is no longer a blur of activity, at least for me. (I can't speak for every retired person.) I have discovered that the journey takes on a greater significance than the intended end goal. There is actually time for lessons to be taught and learned and fun to be shared. "Stop to smell the roses" becomes a phrase to practice and enjoy.
So when I was asked to paint my grandson's room and my grandson thought he should help I had to remember the above mentioned principles. Savor the moments together with your grandson at your side!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Words to think about today.

A loved one in my family shared this with me today and I wanted to pass it along.

"All people share a connection.  We breathe the same air; feel the warmth of the same sun; share life on the same planet.  Our paths are connected in ways both seen and unseen.  The food on my table may have come from a farm nearby, from across the country or from across the world.  Similarly, new technology allows me to connect with loved ones or strangers faraway.  As humans we also share in feelings of happiness and sadness, peace and frustration. We are one in God, connected in spirit.  Knowing we are one, I demonstrate empathy toward others. I am understanding, compassionate and willing to listen.  Whatever I do, wherever I am, I am connected to God and all people and to you.”  “Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

to be continued....Slovenia

Three days spent at a working farm in the hills of Slovenia makes one think back to my farm roots. I feel privileged to have been raised on an Iowa farm. Cows, pigs, barns, and lots of open space conjure up warm memories. Even the "smells" are welcome to my senses. (As Hunter would add-"Your sense of smell is dead"!) I especially enjoy the farm-type food of fried potatoes, beef floating in warm gravy, soft and chewy bread, and of course, that all important final dessert! Our time at the farm house in Slovenia met all expectations and more! Check out Rebecca's blog for photos.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

6 Countries in 6 weeks!

13 people, (the Stall clan), gather in Montegalda, Italy for a memorable family reunion. Site seeing and "play" circle around naps and filling hungry "tummies"-child and adult alike! Rebecca's house vacillates between a whirlwind of activity and an oasis of rest. Thankfully everyone is able to "roll with the punches" and find humor in even the most stressful of moments. 

A beautiful country just a 3 hour car trip from Venice where the Stall clan spent 7 delightful days at an all-inclusive resort swimming, boating, relaxing, and of course eating amazing food with NO cleanup!

Hunter & I spent a lovely evening in Innsbruck, a charming town nestled in the Austrian Alps.
Four days spent in Mutterstadt with Klaus & Rita biking & hiking along the Rhine and eating delicious Bavarian sausages and dark, chewy bread!

Driving back to Italy from Germany we traveled through this breathe-taking country. Photos do NOT do it justice!

-to be continued--