Thursday, June 26, 2008


The report is in and it is good news. For those "readers" who did not know, I was diagnosed several weeks ago with a spot on my right lung after a CT scan for my stomach. (I have had minor stomach problems for years-probably chronic gastritis.)
Because of the many "possible causes" of a lung spot, including cancer or sarcoidosis of which my Dad died, my doctor recommended a pet scan, which I had this week. This morning I went in for the results. While waiting to see the doctor I pulled out my Bible, which I routinely carry to read during various periods of waiting. Currently I am going through the Psalms. I had left off at Psalms 30. Here are some of the verses in that Psalm, which I read in the office: "O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me." "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever." After reading this Psalm I knew that Dr. Gross would tell me all was OK. I will just return in 6 months for another scan to be sure the spot doesn't grow and then again in two years. I asked him the cause and he said he wasn't sure but it could be a fungus which had calcified. He said he finds those often in people who have lived a long time in the midwest. I guess when we say there is "somthing in the air" here we aren't kidding! Anyway, I am praising God and want to thank family and friends who have prayed for me. Now I can get on with the work at hand, which is sorting stuff! From the pictures below you will see the job ahead of me. But I am learning that stuff is not important. What really matters in life is people relationships. They last for eternity!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Take the tour

We are finally getting a bit settled into our new home. While Hunter is busy washing the bugs off the gigantic front window and scaling the sides of the RV in order to clean the air conditioners filled with floating cottonwood seeds, I am taking a break from baking bread in my "outside" oven to give you a tour of the inside of our home. But first take a look at my cute grandson in motion!

P.S. Bedrrom does NOT have two rr but it did get your attention-right? Ha!

Monday, June 16, 2008

From turtles to tornadoes

We just completed three days "on the road" driving from North Carolina to Rock Island, Illinois. Driving into our first night's KOA we had to stop our 41,000 pound vehicle in order to rescue a box turtle meandering down the road. Even though I am NOT fond of picking up nature's "wild" creatures I was designated as the rescuer. Gingerly I grabbed him around his middle and quickly set him by the road's edge. He was more than happy to waddle swiftly away from the diesel "monster".
The KOA campsite was a quiet respite from the interstate travel. The next two days flew quickly and uneventfully blew us into the Quad Cities. It was here that we encountered our first storm. Where do you go when the tornado alarm begins to blare in your area and the local TV station warns everyone in "the following counties" to head for the basement, and you have no basement? Casting glances at each other we sat in bed, watched the broadcast, listened to the wind and pelting rain and determined that was the best we could do at the moment. Of course, our quiet moments were filled with prayer! We did go out the following morning and buy a weather radio so at least we would be informed in order to have time to put our seatbelts on if ever a tornado decides to "move" our RV.
In two days we open our storage unit to discover treasures I packed a year ago and make decisions about "what goes where". Heads up to all our children-get ready to receive stuff!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


June 6th we finally took possession of our new home. What fun, mixed with some frustration, we have had in our first few days living in an RV. Thankfully, we camped only 12 miles from the Carolina Coach dealership since we discovered our GPS tracking system did not function properly. It was "voice-less". Now we cheerfully listen as a "sexy" female voice we've nicknamed Greta (after Greta Garbo) navigates us down the road. Last night we camped in Kentucky, with its green studded Appalacian Mountains. At 6:00 a.m. this morning we took a brisk walk and discovered a trail to follow winding down to a mist covered lake. "Oh, for a fly rod." my dear husband sighed. When we arrive in the Quad Cities we will have our storage unit emptied and Hunter will have his fly rod and various and sundry other items. The problem being where will we put everything?? Another "adventure". Ha!

Monday, June 2, 2008

On the road? Or NOT!

Monday morning, June 2nd, Hunter and I were cruising down the highway with a car load of "stuff" fully anticipating settling into our new RV home by nightfall. Our conversation bubbled with plans of sorting, shopping, arranging, learning and other "verbs" all related to an exciting day centered around our new home. How quickly our "high balloon" was deflated! Upon arriving at the dealership we learned our sleep number bed had not arrived from the factory, neither had the water softener nor the maserator, which is a fancy name for a poop blender! To make matters worse there had been some type of miscommunication between the sales department and the maintenance shop resulting in our coach not being cleaned or as they call it in the business-detailed and ready for the customer. Now, I can clean a house in a few hours so why not an RV? Sorry but we were told it would take a minimun of two days to have the RV fully detailed to their satisfaction. WHAT?
After a four hour return drive, we found ourselves back at Rebecca's house living out of very disorganized suitcases until Friday morning, June 6th, when we are assured our home will be ready to finally drive out of the lot. Oh, but it will be without the sleep number bed, since that won't be in for two to three weeks! We'll have a substitute and hopefully it won't be rock hard.
Hunter took all of this mix up in stride reassuring me that I married the right man; one who can cope with any situation, maintain a sense of humor, and soothe a less than happy wife!