Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Journey Begins............

A new "look", a new home, a new schedule, a new outlook on life-RETIREMENT is just around the corner. On June 2nd we drive our Country Coach out of the dealership to a campground nearby. For a few days we will be reading manuals, pushing buttons, moving levers, attaching hoses, and other such tasks as we learn all about the RV which we plan to live in full-time for many years. By the week-end we hope to be proficient enough to travel from North Carolina to the Quad Cities where we will camp the months of June and July while Hunter "wraps up" his last career days at John Deere and we share precious moments visiting good friends.
In August we will return to North Carolina for Christian's first birthday party and Hunter has been asked to help stain decks, wash two houses, and build a fence. During his first month of retirement he will not be idle. Ha!
This past year has been a time of many decisions for Hunter and I. We feel we are definitely headed in the right direction; anticipating "stretching adventures", shaking off tight schedules, looking for volunteer opportunities. It's time to spread our wings and fly!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grandma's First "Cookies"

Grandma made me homemade graham cracker "teethers". Boy are they good! Ruthie, my doggie, likes them as much as I do so when I drop one I don't have much time to retrieve it, especially when I'm in my jumper! Oh well, grandma will always make me more. Right, grandma?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Official!

Retirement is finally in our sites. Hunter will be retiring from John Deere International officially on December 31st, 2008. We have plans to visit the children and travel around the United States as well as become involved in various types of volunteer mission work. Our new home will be a 43 foot RV. More details about our upcoming "adventure" will be in future blog entries. Look for an entirely new blogsite the first part of June. Like the song at our wedding 36 years ago: "We've Only Just Begun"!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Swimming Update

Here I am again to report on my swimming progress. You will be happy to learn I can go UNDER the water "swimming" from my teacher to my mom and propel myself off the side of the pool when I spot a coveted toy-what fun!! I'm really not afraid of the water AT ALL! The swimming gene is alive and well and mighty strong in the Stall/Thorpe line! There seems to be only one minor problem with my "stroke". I hate to take my hands out of my mouth. If only they'd let me swim with my "binkey" in place I'd out-distance the other kids by a body length! Sadly, last week was the final class. I'll miss my swimming buddies but Mom has promised to take me to the pool on base real soon. I need to hone my new skills so I can impress my Dad when he gets home in a couple months. He'll be SO proud!!!!!

Please note that on the next video Mommy isn't ignoring me but just confident of my abilities since I have already fallen off the side three times!