Friday, February 18, 2011

Family is SO important!

Recently I returned from a four day visit with my mom, two of her sister-in-laws, and several male and female cousins. What a joy to reminisce, laughing over "old" memories, and sharing life's highs and lows. God's design for the family structure is incredibly perfect. I feel extremely blessed with my family and pray you also do too. Take some time today to thank our heavenly Father for the creation of family and your part in it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Missing" but moving on

Laughter still echoes in my ears while twinkling eyes and adorable smiles burn in my memory. Oh, I miss them-those three rambunctious grandsons tossing balls in the air, reading stories on my lap, playing duck, duck goose. When will I get to hug them again? Aiden in May and Christian and Logan in September-too far away for sure but that is reality and I must adjust.
The RV moves on from North Carolina to Bonifay, Florida to another three week missionary volunteer project where we will make new friends and share new experiences while serving the Lord in whatever capacity He so directs.
Why He chooses to use the few “skills” of a lowly retired couple, sinners saved by grace, is beyond our understanding but we are thankful and enjoy His unconditional love daily!