Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stress, stress, and more stress!

"You're going to do what? Back down this narrow, curving road? Are you crazy?" I threw these three questions Hunter's way while clinging desperately to the armrests in my seat in our RV, our house on wheels that was perched on a narrow blacktop half-way up a rather steep hill on the grounds of Kentucky Mountain Bible College.
Let me backup a bit in this story so you can have a better view of the situation. Three days previously we had been basking in 85 degree Florida sunshine enjoying time with Tommy. On March 29th, we packed "the gear" and headed north anticipating a pleasant 2 1/2 day drive to Kentucky where we planned to spend most of March volunteering at a Bible College. The first day out was nice but hard rain, heavy traffic, and fog made the second day long and headache producing for both of us. As the third day dawned with more rain and eventually light snow we were a bit disappointed but undaunted as to our final goal-reaching the College and getting settled in for the month. As we approached the driveway for the college we peered up at a winding road that seemed to go nowhere. OK, it takes a certain measure of faith when you are MMAP missionaries and we knew this was one of those times so off we roared up and around the corner arriving at an open area of blacktop where we stopped to ask for directions. We were told there were several places we could choose to park. From previous experience Hunter has learned to check out all possibilities on foot rather that actually drive the rig. While I waited inside the cab off he went with the coordinator to scope out the plots. After a considerable amount of time he returned looking rather concerned. "The college has only grass sites and they are marginal at best.", he reported. But not wanting to "give up yet" he decided to try one recommended, up one of their many winding driveways. (It is not called Kentucky MOUNTAIN Bible College for nothing!) Half-way up we realized there were large tree branches hanging too low which if we continued would slice off our air conditioners. Move to the right, on the grass, and avoid them was the suggestion. Do we dare try? You can guess the results since we weigh 50,000 pounds and the weather had been nothing but rain for days. In we sank! We would still be there if it were not for the incline. Hunter quickly, before the mud sucked us in to our axles, let out the brake and gunned it so we rolled backwards enough to get back on the blacktop. It is at this moment that he said we were going to have to back down the hill.
You already read my retort! Yet there was no other choice so slowly backward we went guided by Hunter's excellent driving skills and the multitude of angels I asked God to provide! At one point Hunter wanted to get out and examine the situation and as he began leaving his seat our vehicle began to roll backward, since he had forgotten to put on the emergency brake. Up to this point I was silent, whispering Phil. 4:6 "Be not anxious.." over and over again. But when we began to "free roll" I freaked! Thankfully Hunter has quick reflexes which he used to good measure and slammed on the brake before we hit a tree or worse. Slowly and eventually we managed to turn the RV around facing the exit and you guessed it, we exited! This is one project we will not participate in now or ever. We ended up in a hotel parking lot, which did have an RV hookup for two nights. With no project this month, even though the weather up north is not balmy we are headed to Iowa and a camping space that is level and solid! God is stretching and growing me through our retirement years in ways I don't always like but He continues to prove Himself faithful!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Florida and Friends

For the past 2 weeks Hunter and I have had the joy of "entertaining" two close friends from Germany-Klaus and Rita Brechtel. Although our "home" became a bit crowded we had so much fun! Together we visited Silver Springs, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Salvador Dali art museum in St. Petersburg, Everglades National Park, The north Keys, and Sanibel Island-a whirlwind view of highlights in the state of Florida. In addition, we feasted on local cuisine and played cards well into the night proving that neither time apart nor distance squelch the fire of a lifelong friendship!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

a few more photos...

Wonderful memories! Hope to return soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hunter and I, along with two wonderful friends, spent the last week in February exploring this tropical oasis. We ate delicious food in town, traveled through a VERY RUSTIC national park, played cards, but mostly enjoyed some super shore scuba diving.

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean, just north of Venezuela, known for its pioneering role in the preservation of nature, in particular the preservation of the marine environment, and for its excellent scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing, among other things.
Many descriptions and slogans have been written about Bonaire: Best Kept Secret, Unhurried, Unspoiled, Unforgettable; Diver's Paradise; and the list goes on... The fact is that all these statements are true, and then some. Another truth is the statistic that over 55% of arrivals on Bonaire are repeat visitors!
First timers generally have heard about the climate, the water, the sun and what there is to do. When asked, repeat visitors generally say that they did not have enough time to do all they wanted to on their first visit. If it is the third or fourth trip, the answer is basically the same but with this addition "It is the warmth and friendliness of the people" that keeps visitors returning year after year.

Hunter and I definitely plan to return in the future, mainly because of the ability to walk to the shore with dive gear in tow and simply jump in, paddle a few yards and descend to a colorful, fish populated reef below-no boat ride necessary. For someone who gets motion sick on the tilting boat deck shore diving is a dream-no dramamine required!!