Thursday, August 30, 2007

Christian's Arrival

At 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning, August 27th, Rebecca runs into my bedroom and proudly declares: "My water just broke!" Hunter is taking a week-end visit in North Carolina on his way back to India so he is in bed with me when we hear this startling news. Like a jet being expelled from the deck of an aircraft carrier we catapult out of bed in unison. While Rebecca e-mails Steve in Iraq I run around trying to gather necessary items for the hospital stay: pillows, exercise ball, music, cameras (both still and video), big white robe, snacks, overnight bags. As I walk out the door I feel like a jittery pack horse. We are whisked through the "check-in" gate on base, park at the main entrance, unload all the gear, and make our way to the doors only to find out they are locked! We stuff everything back into the car and drive around to the emergency entrance. Thankfully the door swings open and we follow the signs to labor and delivery.
Rebecca's friend, Chelsea, arrives to be the "second" coach. We get Rebecca settled in, give her back rubs, hand her ice chips, and quietly "cheer" her on through about three hours of fast labor. At 6:52 a.m. Christian coasts into the hands of the midwife and loudly protests the bright lights and cheers of joy. As he rests on Rebecca's tummy I am given the honor of "cutting the cord". Wow-could there be a more exciting moment for a grandmother?
Shortly after his birth his uncle Branden and Grandfather Hunter arrive at the hospital to hold the swaddled little guy. Christian's arrival was perfect timing for Hunter, since he was just ready to leave for the airport to go back to India.
God's timing is always perfect!
Rebecca and I are now enjoying the comfort of home with the addition of a cooing, crying, wiggling little angel. Ruthie, the resident Yorkshire terrier, is a bit jealous. She is no longer the center of Rebecca's attention, therefore I play dog sitter and entertainer much of the day. I even have had to share my bed with Ruthie while Rebecca nurses during the night and clean up Ruthie "acts" of defiance left outside of the nursery door. Oh, what a grandmother will do for her new grandson!
It has been fun sharing with each of you this special event in our lives. Please keep me informed on what is happening in your lives.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Life Experiences

For 18+ years Rebecca occupied one of the bedrooms in our home, filling it with her clothes, school books, and various and sundry items. She ate at our table, drove our car, and followed me around pushing the cart in the grocery store. Currently, I find myself living in one of the bedrooms in her house, sorting through my clothes in her closet, eating at her kitchen table, and staring at her decorated walls as I drift off to sleep. I drive her car and follow her lead in the grocery PX at Fort Bragg. Who would have guessed?
Change happens and we learn to adjust. Yet, there are other things that remain the same. I still give advice in the kitchen, while she still laps me in the 50 meter pool on base-even at 9 months pregnant! We still worship God together on Sunday in church and share ideas on projects-currently its the color scheme in the nursery. Pedicures are still one of our favorite luxury outings.
Life is a delicious medley of experiences; some hand-picked and others thrust on our plates. Are you finding joy in what is now being served to you?
I am!