Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is Florida?

Sunshine, beaches, seafood and Key Lime Pie!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Valentine!

I am answering the question posted on my daughter's blog. What are some reasons you love your Valentine?

1. He's the King of fixing anything broken-no job too big or small!

2. Will eat ANYTHING I fix-even a flat piece of gluten-free rice bread! (Oh, and say it is delicious, too.)

3. Patiencely corrects any of my computer "mess-ups".

4. Has always been and continues to be the ultimate best father of our children, full of wisdom ready to share at the first phone call.

5. Loving & very attentive pappa/nano to his 5 grandchildren.

6. Honors my request for quiet in the wee morning hours so I can have my devotions and even joins me with his ipad Bible in hand!

7. Loves my mother.

8. Playfully teases me to keep me smiling while I fend off his playful Italian "butt pinch".

9. Allows ice cube feet and hands on his toasty warm back.

10. Accompanies me to romantic movies and shopping even though he'd rather be in a deer stand or with his fly rod on some quiet stream.

11. The most trustworthy partner on a tandem or as a buddy scuba diving!

12. Gently coaxes me to play cards with him, even though he has super "card sense" and I DO NOT! Then during the game he encourages my feeble attempts, yet not just letting me win but trying to teach me a thing or two-such patience!!

13. He is so friendly to everyone he meets and that attribute helps me open up to others more freely.

14. Above all else, I love him because he seeks to love me as Christ loves the church!!