Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Ultimate" Challenge!

Can I do it? Can I go a year or longer without sugar or refined carbohydrates? If you would have asked me that question just a month ago I would have told you absolutely not! I grew up with desserts. They are an intrical part of almost every meal. And saying no to warm, crusty french bread? Never!
Well,now my body is speaking to me demanding a change in my diet in order to heal a compromised digestive tract. Two choices stare me in the face: strong medication or PWFD-Perfect Whole Food Diet. I've chosen the later.
This is day one of a whole foods diet; eating whole foods being defined as foods that are whole, that have no parts removed, and avoiding all refined foods, which are foods that have had something taken out. This is a TOTAL avoidance diet requiring reading labels, to avoid ingesting ANY foods that would compromise the diet's purpose. I believe diet is not an appropriate word because many people associate this word with weight loss programs-attempts to lose weight by temporarily changing eating habits. The Whole Food Diet is meant to support your health and hopefully heal a chronic digestive condition and produce a lifestyle change in eating.
I spent the morning cleaning out my kitchen cupboards and refrigerator of all "foods", including condiments, that won't fit into this new eating regime. Did you know Morton's salt contains sugar? All but one of our cold cereals bit the dust as did most of the baking supplies, even the pastas and all our crackers. After hours of cleaning and reorganizing, my cupboards look bare. Branden and Brooke are the recipients of lots of "food stuff".
Brooke is my inspiration for this journey. She was on a similar diet for over a year when we first met. She has had digestive problems for a number of years but is so much improved I take hope in her recovery. She is now more liberal with her diet as I hope in a year I can be too.
I will keep you updated on my progress. Any words of support would be welcome. I am thankful that I have a husband who is always by best cheerleader and willing to eat only what I eat, except maybe a cup of coffee and some chocolate now and then. Yes, that's right-I can have NO chocolate for a year! Could there be anything worse? Ha!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What are you waiting for? Is your birthday just around the corner or a much anticipated vacation only a day or two away? Are you waiting to hear about a job interview or a promised raise in salary? Could you be waiting for a doctor's call to tell you the results of a recent medical test or news about a run away pet or worse a missing child? We wait for dinner, for traffic, for our turn in line, for our money to grow, for our first driver's license, for the wedding day, and for the funeral. Being in the "waiting room" can be lonely and sometimes frustrating but "take heart" and remember God's directive which I rediscovered during my quiet time today as I meditated on Psalms 27:14 "Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."
As I deal with digestive issues it is good to know I can be strong and wait for the Lord. He will act on my behalf in his perfect timing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


With these long legs maybe an NBA player?

I'm happy!

Grandma and her cute grandson!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving on.....

This was our last Sunday in Ohio with Christian, Logan, Rebecca, and Steve. Now we have moved to Fayetteville area in North Carolina to spend time with Branden, Brooke, and little Aiden. We are staying in a RV camping area about 40 minutes from Branden's home. It is out in the country, secluded, a bit run down but with a nice pool. This morning, before church, Hunter and I swam laps for half an hour. The water felt good since North Carolina summer temps hover around 90 with 90% humidity. This campground has a couple of little ponds where Hunter hopes to practice some fly fishing and there are a number of trails through pine woods that will be fun to explore. We will be here around 6 weeks helping our kids and grandson in whatever "tasks" need done at the time. Right now I am in charge of most of the meal planning and I volunteer for dish duty as well as lots of baby holding! Hunter has already fixed a wobbly toilet and made homemade chocolate ice cream in our new ice cream maker. Its the cadillac of ice cream machines and gives Ben and Jerry a run for their money! In fact we have their recipe book and have improved on several of their recipes already. With Hunter's chemistry background he is having a ball "creating" in the kitchen! Steve and Rebecca hated to see us leave but we are not sure if it was because we helped with the grandkids or that they would miss the homemade ice cream! Check it out. It is pricey but SO worth it when you taste the results of only a short half hour of preparation!
The next blog will include photos of Aiden!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


When one thinks of the word plant conservatory, fun would generally not be a proper descriptive adjective except for possibly a botanist. For the general population a plant conservatory is a "fancy greenhouse", EXCEPT if one is visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory. Looking for something to do with a toddler on a rainy day, Rebecca and I thought a quick walk through Columbus's conservatory might briefly entertain. We underestimated this marvelous entertainment jewel. While there for two hours we walked through a butterfly garden, fed huge Japanese koi, played in a boat with plasic sculptures, sat in a whispering cave, felt the spray from a waterfall, and ohhed and awed at beautiful glass sculptures.
Franklin Park Conservatory is a botanical landmark two miles east of downtown Columbus. It is a premier horticultural and educational institution showcasing exotic plant collections, special exhibitions, and a signature collection of work by glass artist Dale Chihuly.
Yes-the "house of plants" was fun!