Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve "Bang"!

Fireworks are exploding all over the world tonight, resulting in spectacular colors and loud bangs bringing laughter and well wishers ushering in another year. Traditionally, Hunter and I have a quiet evening with some delicious food and maybe a movie or a good book to read then retire by 10:00 p.m.
This year was going to be no different until I had my own personal "bang"-quite literally I must say! 
After successfully making, from scratch mind you, Chinese pot-stickers (or jiaozi in Mandarin) which I was going to serve for dinner fried with spicey dipping sauce (yummy), I clipped on my shuffle with my favorite Christian music and embarked on a time of devotion as I briskly walked the roads around the RV park, hoping to get a little exercise before I began dinner preparations. 
I was thoroughly engulfed in songs of praise one moment then flat on my face "eating" the pavement the next! What exactly just happened? To this moment I can't quite describe the details only to guess I may have drug my left foot, which is my weaker side, causing my shoe to catch on a slight rise in the road propelling me violently foreward. The knees and palms slowed the downward ascent but the chin actually took most of the force of the "bang"! I laid there a moment trying to assess the situation when I heard a man yell, "Are you alright, miss?" The voice shook me to my senses and I slowly got up clutching my chin while blood oozed between my fingers. I assured the kind gentleman I was OK and slowly made my way back to the RV. Hunter and Tommy's card game was suddenly interrupted by my "grand" entrance. Hunter jumped into action with towels, ice, and questions to determine the extent of "damage". As it turns out I was blessed with only a twisted and swollen ankle, bruised and skinned knees and palms, a cut and bruises to the chin, which butterfly strips could handle, and a sore jaw to accompany the broken tooth. The tooth being the issue needing professional attention. We located a 24 hour emergency dentist who examined the injury. He said I would need two days of healing the chin before he would put on a temporary crown, so a return visit is scheduled for Friday morning. In the meantime I started antibiotics, a necessary procedure when you have an artificial implant, such as the one in my knee. My dinner consisted of soup and very soft fruit. I imagine I will have a few days of a liquid type diet before my jaw stops hurting. Thankfully the dentist did x-rays to be certain there were no broken bones. I am most grateful nothing was serioiusly damaged and I can slowly recover from my New Year's Eve fall. Since 2014 went out with a bang for me I am looking forward to 2015 coming in quieter please! Think I will pick up that good book and relax tomorrow and sip on soup-rather a boring New Year's Day but a safe one!
Hope yours is more exciting and less painful. 
May God truly bless each and everyone of you during 2015 with His unconditional love and opportunities to share it with others!  John 3:16 

Monday, December 29, 2014


Have you ever wanted to "pull off" that perfect surprise, catch someone totally unware? Well, I did it, a memory making moment! On December 18th around 6:30 p.m. I totally surprised my mother with an unexpected appearance. She was definately astonished and filled with "wonder", as Webster defined a true surprise! She was not expecting to see me until the summer of 2015. But I decided I didn't want to wait that long to spend time with her so I arranged with my sister (my partner in "crime") to pick me up at the airport. Previously she had told mom she would pick her up and go to a church dinner event that evening, so when we pulled up in front of her building and I jumped out of the car she was a bit confused, to say the least. What fun it was for me to give her a hug and explain that since I didn't know what to give her for Christmas I decided to give her myself-a WEEK of me for her Christmas gift! Marlene and I wisked her away to a salad supper and all the while I think she was still trying to process the event. Ha! Ha!
We did have a wonderful time together; talking, reading, praying, cooking, shopping, attending church, going to the movies, and visiting with my sister and her family. Thanks, Mom, for being the happy recipient of a joyful holiday "event"!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


In November of this year Hunter and I had the privilege of spending a week with some of our grandchildren at Disney World. We parked our motorhome in their convenient campground and met Jacob, Stacia, Keaton, and Beckham everyday at varioius locations around the gigantic park. Years ago we had taken our three chldren there so it was fun to see the changes. Yet the most magical times for me were watching the two grandsons engage their imagination and giggle with delight as their minds were bombarded with "big" characters, joyful dancing parades, and new entertainment around every corner. Disney must be experienced through the imagination of a child!

I am ending this blog with a question for the grownups: Where is your imagination? Is it dried up like I fear mine is sometimes? Just spend a few moments on the floor with blocks and plastic zoo animals and you will discover that there are still a few drops of imagination left in the shriveling brain!
In reading my Bible recently I reflected on the fact that God does want us to keep alive a bit of that imagination gift He gave us until the "very" end. How else can we picture heaven without some imagination? I love to imagine the design of the mansion Jesus promised me in John 14:2. And, wow, I often imagine and long for my new body (2 Corinthians 5:1-3),  especially as this one is in need of many repairs!
I guess the lesson here is enjoy and continue to cultivate God's gift of imagination!