Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recent Events

DALLAS ARBORETUM with best highschool friends!
AIDEN & ELLA in North Carolina
TIME WITH NANI at the park & the museum
IN NEW JERSEY with Keaton & his family

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gallbladder Surgery!

Hunter and I returned to the Quad Cities a week ago with the express purpose of pursuing gallbladder surgery for me. With digestive issues for 11 years plaguing me around every corner I wanted to make one more stab at discussing removal of the gallbaldder with a surgeon. After a good discussion followed by an ultrasound revealing gallstones it was full steam ahead for the knife! Surgery went as expected, an unbelievable same day procedure! I was sent home with a packet of instructions on wound care and pain meds. Pain meds and I don't often see "eye to eye". In fact any narcotic drug takes the upper hand in my body and plays havic with both my head and my stomach. We requested a non-narcotic drug but even that caused periods of intense dizziness resulting in my decision to stop all drugs and just grin and bear the discomfort. One of the reasons I decided to "sqeeze in" this surgery between our travels was to, in the near future, experience the tastes of Italy without stomach discomfort. Italy is on the radar for the end of April! My current dilema-will I feel well enough to board the plane let alone eat the food? If you asked me that question at the moment it would be a resounding NO! But I realize I'm a impatient person and prone to setting high expectations. When my dr. said I could eat anything I wanted except fatty foods I took him at his word, forgetting every body is different and copes with trauma in a variety of ways-mine being digestive distress after almost ANYTHING I eat! Yet, as I sit here 6 days after surgery still in my pajamas at 11:00 a.m. I am encouraged by the comments made in online chat rooms concerning this surgery. Most have to strictly limit their diets from 1 to 6 months or more and need at least 2 weeks of rest to be able to return to more normal activities. So let's see where that puts me on our travel schedule-2 weeks puts me on a plane to Italy and 1-6 months covers to and from Italy twice! Guess I won't be eating sauce laden spagetti or drinking heavy wines but maybe I will be able to taste a bit of Italian bread with no butter and enjoy some grilled fish! Although I seem a bit discouraged I am not. This experience is helping to teach me patience and I'm learning to depend on God's Word: Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." P.S. In three days I'm planning to ride the tandem with Hunter for an hour in training for a week's bike ride in southern Italy beginning May 12th. Am I again being too ambitious? I'll keep you posted!