Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saying good-bye!

What does it mean to say good-bye? It is a hug, a kiss, a wave, even a letter or e-mail saying we are now separating but we will hopefully talk or see each other again tomorrow, next week, in a few months or even years down the road. Seldom do we say good-bye with the finality that we will never connect again. But what about death? Isn't that rather final? In once sense yes, in another sense definitely not. And the "definitely not" is what gives hope and comfort to the grieving. The spirit lives on as the physical body completes its role on earth.
A couple weeks ago I said good-bye to my wonderful, godly mother as she stepped into eternity with Jesus. Throughout my lifetime I have said so many good-byes to her fully expecting to see her "physically" again. In the last years the good-byes were often through the cell phone connections but as I ponder that now I so wish they would have been more physical. If only I would have spent more time holding her hand, sharing a meal, laughing over past adventures, shopping or just walking together. Why did I assume she would always be here, would always be just a phone call away? The doctor had just given her a clean bill of health and told her not to return for a year! But I guess God had other plans and wanted her walking with Him and joined once again to her husband, my Dad. who had preceded her to heaven by 16 years.
Because my Mom was a "born again" Christian I know she is in the mansion Jesus has prepared just for her (John 14:2). I will some day join her and then we can walk and talk, laugh and sing praises to the Lord Jesus who made it all possible!
So during this season of family and friend "gatherings" hug more, laugh louder, cherish every moment knowing our life on earth is brief and there will be "final" good-byes, for the physical body. But more important, thank God for his gift of Jesus whose life, death, and resurrection opened the door to eternity and the joy in the knowledge that as believers there is no final good-bye, only "I will see you again on the other side"!