Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun in the sun!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hunter and I just learned an awesome game called pickleball. My dear husband calls it "old man's tennis". I call it fun! It is played on a tennis or badmitten court with "amended" lines, a small paddle, and a whiffle-type ball. Rules are similar to ping pong and its played with 2 or 4 people.
For me, it brings back memories of competitive racquetball games, but at a slower pace, one which spares the knees or for that matter the rest of the body from bruises while hitting walls or being hit by the flying hard rubber racqeut ball.
The game received it's name from the co-inventor's dog, called Pickles, a family cocker spaniel who would case stray balls and then hide in the bushes.
We've played twice last week and have another morning already scheduled for the courts. Hopefully, we will find more "young seniors" who want to play on our travels. I imagine Florida and Arizona will have LOTS of possible opponents. Ha!